Greta Dimitrova

Business Owner

Greta has spent the past 18 years working for Silicon Valley companies. Like many business women, she knows all about the stress, the long drives to work, the crazy work hours that are required of business executives. At the same time, like many of her customers, she has worked hard to try and keep off those unwanted pounds with a healthy lifestyle of exercise and sensible eating.

After trying many different approaches including CoolSculpting and other weight loss treatments that promised to help her shed the extra ten pounds, she discovered QuantaShape’s Body Contouring system. After several treatments which resulted in both weight loss and a reduction in her body fat percentage, she was sold on QuantaShape. Excited to share QuantaShape’s true value, she decided to move from a customer to owner/advocate.

Greta invites you to contact her and see how BodyShaping by Greta can help you achieve your weight loss goals.


Single Treatment: $499

Three Treatment Package: $449 per treatment

Six Treatment Package: $399 per treatment

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